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Character name: Frederic Francois Chopin
Series: Eternal Sonata (PS3 release)
Canon point: Post game, True Ending

Contains Spoilers for the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata/Trusy Bell ~Chopin no Yume~

The story begins, in a manner of speaking, on October 16th, 1849. At 10:48pm, in an apartment in Paris, France, genius Polish composer and pianist Frederic Francois Chopin lay on his death bed. Hours from then, Frederic would finally pass on from a life time of illness and weakness. He lay unconscious, his doctor, his older sister and his student gathered around him while his illness took him through bouts of seizures and fever.

But within his dreams, where the real story starts, he found himself in a fantastical world far different from his own. There he met a young girl named Polka who confessed to him that she was dying of an illness that allowed her to use magic. In spite of her condition, though, she wishes to do something good for the people of the country of Forte, and intends to travel to Forte Castle on her own to speak to the Count in charge regarding the high taxes on items that weren't Mineral Powder.

Frederic, uncertain of the purpose of this dream of his, decides to travel with her in hopes of understanding what all of it could possibly mean. Through their travels, they meet up with several others, including the orphans Allegretto and Beat, and the rebel leader Jazz. It's quickly learned by the party that the taxes aren't the only problem facing the country of Forte and it's neighbor, Baroque. Mineral Powder had terrible side effects that create magic users that will either die or become mindless creatures, and the threat of a full scale war between the countries was an all too real possibility.

Frederic is taken on a journey through not just his own mind, but this world in order to fight to not only prevent war but stop Count Waltz from amassing an army of mindless drones with his Mineral Powder. Friendships are formed, courage is tested and soon Frederic and Polka both question what their role in all of it is. It is Polka, though, who figures out that the world is being led towards darkness, and it is her light that must save it all.

In the end, Frederic struggles with accepting the dream as reality. He and the others give chase to the villains of the story and eventually defeat them, but when doing so still brings about darkness to the world, they are returned to Polka's home only to find it ruined.

Upon seeing the ruined fields where his journey began though, he breaks and declares that the people he's come to care about weren't people at all, but figments of his imagination. He challenges the friends he's made to battle, stating that by doing so they would help him complete his destiny so he could finally die in peace.

They defeat him successfully, but remorsefully, and Polka comes to realize that the world is cycling through hundreds, possibly thousands of timelines, dreams repeating themselves over and over again. She takes to the cliff to fulfill her tragic destiny and leaps off, but Frederic rises shortly after only to realize that Polka has jumped. He decides finally that it is no longer a dream, that he came to that place to accept his fate, and in the real world Frederic finally passes away at 2 a.m.

Stating that everything will finally come to it's finale, he calls out, his voice ringing through the timelines to reach Polka as a four year old telling her that she should be allowed to live her life. He calls out that the flowers she had shown him at the start of their journey could be called Death Lights or Heaven's Mirror, and that she had left it up to him to decide what he wanted to call them. He cries out then that he chooses to call them Heaven's Mirror.

She hears him then, telling her mother that she heard some one calling for him, and because of that is able to return to the ruined field once more, bringing back life and light to it and thus breaking the cycle at last, allowing everyone, including Frederic, to live on within their world.

(For further details see
Frederic's Wiki entry
Eternal Sonata entry)

Being a product of both the real world and of the dream world in which he meets and befriends Polka and the rest, Frederic is a fairly complex man due to many, many factors that made his life within them.

Within life he was formal, well mannered, graceful, often introspective and utterly devoted to his art. Music was his life from a very young age, and with it he found his voice when words were simply not enough. His very heart and emotions were often poured in to his 200+ compositions, and he was often described as playing the piano in such a fevered way it was as if he was trying to make it sing out his very soul. It was also his music that drove his introspective nature and to some extent a bit of shyness, often leading him to be an observer rather than an active part of a scene and departing from a group to wander about and search for inspiration on his own.

Within the dream world, he maintains his formal, well mannered attitude, as well as a kind gentleness and, eventually, a devotion to his friends over everything he does. Outside of Polka, he didn't immediately warm up to the others, willingly admitting to them that they were within his dream world and ignoring their protests to the contrary. The more he traveled with them, though, the more he found that he wasn't sure what was going to happen next, and even told Polka that he found himself concerned about them when before he couldn't bring himself to care. As the story went on, his dynamics with them changed and grew. With the children of the group he became protective, maintaining patience with them even in the most stressful of moments, and with the adults he found himself worrying over their well being as well as conversing with them as if they were long time friends.

He was not without humor, either, and while he rarely ever spoke in disrespectful tones or manners, he was not above smiling in amusement at the antics of his new friends or even cracking a joke or two himself. Truly, if he is comfortable with some one, chances are high he will be far more relaxed around them than he would some one who is still more or less a stranger.

His life ended at 39, and while that still made him ten years older than the eldest team member (Prince Crescendo at 29), his age wasn't an issue with them. They considered him odd, of course, and much of his behavior came off as either equal mentality to those around him or at the very least "older brother"-like. This also, of course, fell in line with how protective he became of the others.

Beneath all this, though, there are layers of Frederic that are much darker than one would assume of him upon first meeting. He struggles deeply with self doubt, with internal grief over everything from his inability to aid his home country, the very illness that has taken over so much of his life, and the loss of his dear sister. He is almost darkly cynical and critical about himself at times, going so far as even blaming himself for the state of the dream world and thinking that he is the only one who has any power at all to change his and Polka's twisted, tragic fates.


Magic: Frederic is stated as having magic "different from Polka", however it's never actually seen. But due to the ending of the game, he likely lost the ability anyway, same as her since his form in the "real world" died, freeing him from the confines of his illness.

Musical Skill: Frederic was a composer, and a genius musician who played multiple instruments and composed well over 230 scores and pieces (of around which that number survived). His main instrument was the piano, which is present in all of his works, and was also an instrument he instructed others in frequently. He gave his first concert when he was seven, and began composing around that age as well. Throughout his education he also studied music and music theory extensively.

Battle Frederic within the dream world is, in spite of his illness and lack of physical prowess, a capable fighter. He wields a bladed conductor's baton as a weapon, moving it about as a conductor might until striking an enemy with quick, succinct blows as well as stabbing at them as one might do with a rapier. He is one of the faster moving characters in the game (made faster if he's given items that increase speed) and while his defense isn't as high as some of the others he's certainly no glass canon.

Which brings us to...

Special Attacks (Move Mastery)

Within the world of Eternal Sonata, light and dark play a massive part within the story line. So large in fact that the very nature of one's attack (and even the form of some enemies) will change depending on where you are standing. Each character, regardless of whether or not they can use magic, has access to a set of Special Attacks (also referred to as Masters or Move Mastery) and Frederic, Polka, Viola and Serenade have moves designed to heal those around them during battle.

  ☼Light Moves

"Never extinguished by any wind, burning without wood or oil!"
Sacred Signature : Frederic throws his hand out, giving a low level heal to a single person within 25ft. Person must be visible for move to work.  *Bastion: Minor cuts and bruises, maybe stop bleeding from lacerations.

"Heed my command and obey: disappear!"
Coup de Grace : Melee. Frederic strikes an enemy with a sharp stab inward, throwing his arm back with a blast of light energy. Has a chance of knock back.
 *Bastion: Will knock back and injure Squirts and Peckers, but never enough to kill.

"My power shall become a shining beacon, that will bestow healing upon your broken wings."
Spirits Pathway : Frederic throws his hand out, casting a heal on a single person within 25ft. Better healing than Sacred Signature. Person must be visible for move to work.
 *Bastion: Can heal more serious wounds, though not likely to fully close any massive lacerations or fully heal a broken bone.

"He who lives among mists and tempests, and travels by riding the wind, answer my call!"
Orzel Bialy : Melee. Frederic waves his baton, then strikes the enemy with two side to side blows, finishing up with a blast of aura and white feathers upwards.
 *Bastion: May have a chance at killing Squirts and small Peckers, otherwise will just cause damage to other creatures.

"Triumph and victory, the hoof beats of the brutal horde approach!"
Legion Fulminante : Frederic throws his hand out, casting down lightning on a single enemy.
 *Bastion: Enemy must be within sight in order to be cast. May have a chance at killing lower level enemies. May also strike enemies within a few feet of the intended target with a slightly lesser shock.

"Live in ignorance, die in ignorance!"
Phantom Pain : Frederic throws his hand out, striking an enemy with rapid, repeated bursts of light five times. Lowers defense on an enemy. Can be cast from up to 15ft away.
 *Bastion: Will no longer lower defense. Strong enough to kill lower level creatures should every burst of light hit.

"Within us is a blazing fire, fanned by a raging wind."
Tri-Clementia : Frederic throws his hand out, casting healing all party members. Stronger than Spirits Pathway.
 *Bastion: Will only heal up to three people at once, himself included. Can assist fatal wounds but they will still need further healing or treatment at the hospital.

  ☾Dark Moves

"There is power within my melodies! Listen!"
Piu Grave : Melee. Frederic waves his baton and strikes an enemy twice from side to side, then finishes up with a blast of dark energy upwards. Weaker than Orzel Bialy.
 *Bastion: Will not be able to kill lower level creatures, but may inflict a decent amount of damage.

"Dance amidst the darkness, amidst the shadows!"
Coup de Jarnac : Frederic strikes an enemy with a sharp stab inward, throwing his arm back with a blast of dark energy. A weaker version of Coup de Grace, but can also strike enemies in the back.
 *Bastion: Will injure Squirts and Peckers but never enough to kill.

"Sleep, an endless dream."
Mirage Blow : Frederic throws his hand out, casting a blast of darkness at an enemy. Similar to Phantom Pain without multiple hits, with a decrease on attack power. Can be cast from up to 15 ft away.
 *Bastion: Will no longer decrease attack power. Can severely wound lower level creatures.

"Rise up and shine bright, the morning light has now come!"
Crimson Blaze : Frederic throws his hand out, casting a blast of all-consuming fire on all enemies on the field.
 *Bastion: Will only be able to strike up to three enemies at a time, regardless of size or power level. May cause great damage to mid-level enemies.

Frederic also served as the last boss of the game, and as such he gained three striking attacks as well as two additional Special Moves. (Orzel Bialy also changes execution form, but for the sake of the game I'll be keeping it as it originally was and only add his physical attacks and two Special Moves.

Pala : A sharp, sudden backhand with the baton. Causes burst.
 *Bastion: Will no longer cause burst.

Truc : Causes poison.
 *Bastion: May temporarily poison an single enemy.

Zamrazac : A bolt of energy is swiftly tossed at the enemy. Causes stop.
 *Bastion: May temporarily stop a single enemy.

 ✺Special Attacks : Boss

"There is no one else. I am the only one here!"
Applaudisement Sonique : Frederic raises both hands and launches a swirling orb of dark energy at the nearest opponent, which then explodes in to a massive blast of lightening that shoots out from either side of the struck enemy, bringing down a temporary torrential downpour on to the field. Black wings also appear on his back as an illusion momentarily. Hits anyone within range.
 *Bastion: A move that will utterly exhaust Frederic, limiting it's use to once per week due to the massive toll it will take on him. Will cause massive damage to any high level enemies and has a chance to utterly obliterate anything weak on the field. Will not have an infinite range, and will be limited to anything within ten feet on either side of the initial struck enemy.

"Carry them away to the riverside, to the water's edge.
Nimbostratus : Melee. Frederic spins and strikes his enemy hard with his baton, causing an explosion of dark energy in their face, striking surrounding enemies with the blow. Has a chance for a weak knock down as well.
 *Bastion: While not as exhausting as Applaudisement Sonique, Nimbstratus will still be limited to once per day due to the strain it takes on him to cast it. It will still have a chance at knock back, but enemies will be have to be fairly close (less than five feet) to the initial strike to be hit. Highly damaging to mid-level creatures.


If Jazz and Polka get in around the same time as Frederic, they'll be arriving together and attempt to make their way to the Bastion via a log.

If he arrives alone, however, he'll attempt to make his way there and will likely need assistance.


Items that were on Frederic at the time of arrival


Freudhersch : A baton found after the death of a great conductor. His unparalleled skills lie within. May temporarily stop a struck enemy. Adds additional speed.

Crescent Cloak : Ups defense.

Power Ring : Slight increase of power.

Demon Mask : Blocks critical hits. Will be more or less useless in the Bastion.


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